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Personally,I do not care much for the one button suit. More often than not,I find it appears unfinished,as too many men who do not have the right physiques
One Button Suit - 1-Button Suits | Button Suits
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Button Suits
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The 1-Button Suit
Personally, I do not care much for the one button suit. More often than not, I find it appears unfinished, as too many men who do not have the right physiques try to wear this style. Their big stomachs are pointing out the top or bottom of the button. It really is not nice to look at… no polish… no refinement. It seems to me that the sides of the jacket are briefly tacked together. To be perfectly honest, though, it is not the suit’s fault. Generally, the wrong shaped men wear 1-button suits. Frequently, they purchase suits on sale or because they like the fabric, but pay no mind to the detailing and the structure. And that is a problem that will become readily apparent when they finally wear the one button suit.
Truly, 1-button suits are made for very slim or skinny men. The cuts of the fabric are not forgiving at all. Even expensive designer brands will caution buyers about the sizing of their suits. The sizes tend to run small, but that does not mean that bigger men should buy bigger sizes. It means that bigger men should avoid this style. What typically happens when men with bulges at the stomach or midriff wear one button suits, the sides of the suit jackets pull apart making the jackets look too small. The shirt can be seen through the jacket sides and this appears as though the jacket is too tight. Plus, it gives an expensive suit a sloven look, as if it was something pulled out of the closet at the last minute to wear to a funeral.
Further, short stalky men have to be careful with the 1-button suit styling. The suit has the illusion that shorter men could wear it because the jacket length falls further down the body, but the wideness of this body shape is too much for strict, tight styling. In fact, a longer, slender body is best suited to one-button jacket styles. Another problem with wider men wearing this style of jacket is the fact that they will eventually rip the seams apart. Even well-made suits will tear with the stress, and seams that have been sewn to prevent fraying will actually start to show stress spots in the thread and fabric.
One trend that seems to have become popular with young guys is wearing a one button suit jacket over a dress shirt and jeans. The shirt is left hanging out, not tucked into the pants and then the jacket is buttoned. I am not too sure if this is good or bad, but I do not think the designers meant formal 1-button suits to be worn like this. In any case, it is a recognizable trend, and one that might be more acceptable than wearing a one button suit when you should be wearing a different style.
There is no doubt that on the right man, a 1-button suit is fabulous. Longer length jackets with one button look incredibly polished and quite appropriate for high powered meetings. The style also looks better in higher end fabrics such as wool and silk. Lastly, dark pinstripes give this style a very executive look.
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