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Joan lovely of you to take the time to coemmnt. However your remarks about lack of credits for collaborators is incorrect. Let me draw your attention to the page about the childrens music and books ( it is on the navigation bar if you click on that you will reach the page). There you will find pictures of Michael Lyn noted clearly as Composer along with myself, Robert E. Longley noted clearly as Sound Engineer and Crystal Clulee noted clearly as Singer. I wrote all the lyrics and books and also composed the songs along with Michael and produced the entire product including the design. The illustrator ( noted on every book and CD ) is Leona Jaeger. In addition on every CD and each book there are pictures of the team as well as acknowledgements of their contributions as well as on all inserts.In addition on all the CDs I acknowledge the mastering company Munchkin Studios that is also on every insert. Sam's Box has the same attributions and pictures of the team. I did design the site, and am responsible for putting up all content onto the site from the begining until this time as well as the recipes etc. The video on the home page is attributed to the videographer Kyle, and the site is running on WordPress which is also acknowledged at the bottom of the site. I am very very careful about attribution and giving credit and am glad that I could draw your attention to this in detail. Hope this is helpful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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