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That work, of course, is often about simply making a woman of 5ft 4in instantly visible. This is why the Queen has tended towards blocks of strong colour bright blues, blazing greens and singing pinks. Hats, by contrast, tend to be less noticeable, since they must neither shadow the face nor fly off in a breeze (the Queen is rumoured to have quipped in the past that she 'has never lost a hat yet'). Unruly gusts of wind also account for the fact that hems of dresses are often weighted down. Other less predictable events are anticipated, too. The Queen might be asked to ride an elephant, as she was during an early tour of Pakistan, or be presented with unusual items of clothing, which will have to be incorporated into an existing outfit. Her ceremonial feather cloak, presented to her by the Maoris of New Zealand and worn subsequently on several public occasions, offered particular challenges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


ray ban aviators black

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