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It's not just women who are charmed by Christian Grey, the billionaire bad boy of mommyrotica. In a surprising new survey of more than half a million men, the namesake character of Fifty Shades of Grey was voted one of the most influential males of 2012 a result sure to turn Paul Bunyan types many shades of red.Far less shocking is the other fictional character to make this year's list: James Bond. 1 (Mad Men's Don Draper was first, in 2009)."This is a list of alpha males chosen by people who want to be alpha males. They understand Bond as being a classy, serious bad ass who kills and enjoys it and who always gets the woman," says Tim Blackmore, professor of information and media studies at University of Western Ontario. "Christian Grey brings the same stuff: wealth, power, ownership of women."Indeed, Grey's portrayal as a self made tycoon obsessed with control more than qualifies him to share company with Bond, Bill Clinton, Kanye West, Jay Z and others on the 2012 list. Blackmore describes them as "big game hunters.""It's a typical male fantasy list of people who can do anything they want, get anything they want, in any way that they want," he says.Notably, the old guard of George Clooney, Tom Brady and Justin Timberlake mainstays in the annual poll dropped off this year. President Barack Obama.Other male icons to get nods include Olympian Usain Bolt, comedian/director Seth MacFarlane, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, Prince William, and galactic thrill seeker Felix Baumgartner.That James Bond emerged in the top spot amongst this group comes as no surprise to those who've long been shaken but never stirred by his pop cultural presence."From the very beginning, the Bond story has resonated," says Paul Levinson, a 007 expert and professor of communication at Fordham University in NewYork."In a lot of ways, he's had a more direct impact on guys' lives than most of the men on this list, just by virtue of the effect he's had on women allegedly," says James Bassil, laughing.Watson: Our national overhead luggage problemYour foot space may be yours, at least by social convention, but the overhead bin.Kabilan: Key lessons from Air IndiaOn June 23, 1985, Air India Flight 182 was on its way from Toronto to London, England.Gormley: The curious case of Michael ChanLittle is clear in the case of a Canadian politician who stands half accused of .Reevely: Eight weeks of Duffy trial serves up the sloppy side of SenateMike Duffy criminal trial has coasted to a halt but we have this to sustain.Public servants waiting months for paycheques as new system stumblesHundreds of public servants are waiting for pay because 550 overworked employees.Full steam ahead for city's LRT expansion plansThe city plans to spend $7 million more on developing the second phase of light .Questions mount about oversight of $2B federal infrastructure fundA $2 billion federal infrastructure fund at the centre of the Conservative government.Ottawa's Calvin Nicol faces his accused attackers in random 'freak' attackOttawa's Calvin Nicol, a body modification artist who has black tattooed eyeballs.?Christian Louboutin Sues Yves Saint Laurent Over Red Sole Shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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