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: Green Tomato Preserves This is an attempt to recreate an old recipe used by my girlfriend's grandmother for green tomato preserves. You're looking for the tomato chunks and lemon rinds to completely break down. 1. In case you're new to canning, what you want is for the sm.This is an attempt to recreate an old recipe used by my girlfriend's grandmother for green tomato preserves. The recipe could not be obtained from said grandmother because she simply cooks everything until it "looks right". We based our recipe on whatever my girlfriend could remember from her childhood and some other sources around the internet.This is a preserve that most people (including myself before today) don't know much about. Even the guy we bought the tomatoes from asked "You can make preserves from those?"Unfortunately, we didn't start taking photos until after we had chopped the tomatoes and lemons, so photos from that step are missing.Here are the ingredients we came up with:8.5 lbs green tomatoes8 lemons5 lbs sugarTo prepare the tomatoes, remove the stem and chop them into reasonable sized chunks, maybe 8 12 pieces per tomato depending on the size.To prepare the lemons, slice into wedges and remove the seeds. Do not remove the peel (it's the best part!) Chop the lemons into 1/2 long strips.To prepare the sugar, open the bag.Don't forget the to pick up some cans. My mom (birthdate 1927) who grew up on a farm (after her dad, my grandpa died when she was a child) reminises about many things but especially this: bugs. especially potato bugs. Those who caught the most was the winner of the day. Children provide FREE labor and labor is needed on farms!My favorite story she tells is of the "town" women who'd come to my grandma's house after Mass to eat my Grandma's chicken dinners on Sunday. She was famous for her dinners. (Grandma accepted donations for the dinner) When one town woman noticed the chickens running lose in the yard and eating bugs, not feed, she refused to come back until Grandma fed the chickens "feed"!!! (ya. never happened) Nowadays, she could charge big bucks for the free range chicken dinners!It's stories like this that make me happy to believe in life after death I can't wait to meet my/this Grandma! : )?Green Walls May Cut Pollution in Cities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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