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11 166: 1 June 1758, John Duncan, Yeoman, of Bensalem Twp, Bucks Co., and his brother Patrick Duncan, yeoman, of same, to William Groome of Southampton Twp, same Co., miller; whereas Joseph Growdon, gentleman, of same county by his deed 1st day 2nd month 1697, granted to William Duncan of same county, husbandman, land in Bensalem Twp laid out for 600 acres, deed recorded Book B, Vol.1, pg.135 (crossed out 193 194); and by a deed from William Duncan dated 30th day 10th month 1708 to his son John Duncan (who was the father of the third John Duncan party hereto), 259 acres part of the above tract; that John Duncan by will in Bucks Co. dated 24 Jan. 1728 bequeathed 60 acres of land to his son William Duncan and to his wife Margaret Duncan the remainder to be disposed of as she wished; that Margaret Duncan by deed 20 April 1732 granted 209 acres to her son William Duncan (see deeds 6 31 6 32) who deeded the land back to Margaret and Edmund Duncan and John Duncan, party hereto; Margaret Duncan is dead and Edmond is also dead; now the first named John Duncan for paid by William Groome, with the trinity?, advice, consent of his brother Patrick Duncan convey to William Groome 209 acres. Wit. Michael Stevens, Isaac Worthington, Gilbert Hicks. (FHL film 172,877)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


mulberry daria wallet

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