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Hollywood icons swear by her colorful designs, and as of recently, the same thing goes for Angola's first lady Ana Paula Dos Santos. "I understand the art of design, but at the same time I also understand the art of selling, which is why Blumarine works for women from all parts of the globe. Nicole Kidman once wrote me a letter which said: 'Dear Anna, your dress drove my husband wild. I love you."' But red carpet aside, Blumarine is fastly becoming a steady choice in the world of politics as well. "Right now we have an extremely important client, she's the wife of the president of Angola. She visited our boutique and bought everything. And everything looked great on her. I was so moved by it all, and got so emotional I had to cry. I would have never thought a woman that important would fall for our brand in such a way." a humble Molinari says, despite her company's annual revenues being in the nine figure range. "I've visited Luanda, and am planning on opening a store there soon," she concludes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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