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Coutinho conceded that in the mid to late 2000s there were a lot of incidences during the home opener. The team worked with the Toronto police and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to put policies in place to reduce the drunkenness, such as limiting alcohol sales in the 500 level to one drink per person, not selling beer in the seating area in the 500 level and adding extra security. Problems have decreased substantially enough that even those minimal measures may be dropped, Coutinho said: frankly, this year we probably won have that in place. It been that good. Toronto police were called to the Rogers Centre on home opener night six times in each of the last three years. The previous 12 year average was 2.4 calls. Most of the calls are for minor issues, such as attending to a medical concern or security. Only twice in the last three years have police made an arrest at the home opener.?Blue Jays no longer contenders minus Stroman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


mulberry dog coat

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