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Great tips, all. And I could learn from a few. I've considered cghaning my blog name, but I'm so attached to it. Heh. I'll have to wean myself off gradually Although I had fun giving out awards awhile back, I don't get my feelings hurt if people don't put them up. I came up w/the idea because so many awards were being given out that had rules tied to them, and I wanted mine to be different. The gesture on my part was more of a thank you card, and I don't expect everyone to save their cards unless they wanted to, if that makes sense? A blog is such a personal thing, and we all have our own decorating tastes and expectations for our online home. You are a very savvy lady, Nina, and classy to boot. I think your blog is simple and lovely and informative just the way it is. And I'm very impressed that you've only been at this for six months! I thought it had been much longer. Congrats on your halfsie anniversary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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