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Web Browsing On The New Motorola Razr

There a number of features that impress on the new Motorola Razr smartphone. Some superb multi media functions are present on the device and the model has arguably one of the most attractive designs that you are likely to encounter. We take a close look at the excellent web browsing facilities that are present on this exciting new model.The Motorola Razr offers a high quality web browser which presents the user with a clean and simple interface that is incredibly easy to use. All navigation on the browser is performed via the excellent 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen. There is a really minimalist feel to the interface, when you first load the application you are presented with three icons at the bottom of the screen. You can use these icons to bookmark a page or reveal the address bar. The third icon enables you to share the material you a currently viewing with a friend. As soon as you start to scroll downwards on the desired web page these icons disappear to leave the whole of the screen on which to view content. Obviously there are more web options aavilable and these are hidden away until you hit the menu key. When you perform this action you are presented with a number of actions that include the ability to view of your stored bookmarks and the option to open new tabs.Part of the reason why the Motorola Razr offers such a great online experience is because it has a host of connectivity options for all different scenarios. Users can obtain the fastest possible data transfer speeds by conjecting to a WiFi network. The Razr can handle WiFi speeds B, G and N and the device will automatically connected to your favoured networks when in range. There is also a good selection of options for when you are on the move which include 3G connectivity which at present is the fastest service for mobile browsing. Although coverage for this system is fairly widespread it is not 100 per cent and therefore service such as GPRS and EDGE are great alternatives should you find yourself in an area without a 3G network available. When surfing the web the experience is superb thanks to the browser supporting Flash files. This means that any video files embedded within a site are automaticallyg played as they would on a laptop or home computer. This facility is not only great for viewing video but also means that Flash games can also be played on the Razr.The Motorola Razr is certainly one of the better handsets available for online use. The excellent large display is perfect for viewing material and the superb user interface is easy to master. The model's ability to handle Flash files is aoso a huge bonus that is sadly lacking in rival models such as the iPhonee 4 8GB.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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