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 Love Icon Collage | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
By WebOsPublisher

Accounting Toolbar Icons make designing financial tools and online projects simpler. Accounting,bookkeeping and financial products can use this set of accounting icons. Download a royalty-free collection of financial icons with free previews!
Royalty-Free Icons for Business and Financial Software
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Royalty-Free Icons for Business and Financial Software
Making a software or Web-based product for the financial sector? Today's standards in GUI design demand the use of matching, easily recognizable icons even in database-style financial applications.
Requesting images from a dedicated design studio or hiring a designer to create the icons in-house can give you fine icons, but associated costs and possible delays make this method unpractical. Purchasing royalty-free images from the Web might be a better idea if you are on a budget and/or have a deadline. Ready-made icons are handily available for instant purchase, allowing you to save significant investments due to the usually low costs of icons. Before ordering, you can always preview what you are getting, and have an option to choose among dozens of offerings.
The collection of Accounting Toolbar Icons contains more than 150 accounting and bookkeeping icons tailored to applications and Web-based products for bookkeepers, accountants and financial services. Designed as a matching set, Accounting Toolbar Icons are ideal for creating professional, slick looks throughout software applications or Web sites.
The collection of royalty-free financial icons includes more than 150 downloadable icons including the Dollar icon, Money icons, and icons depicting a variety of financial objects and symbols. There are images for Accounting and Bookkeeping, multiple icons depicting the world's currencies such as Dollar icon, Pound icon, Euro and Yen icons. Financial icons include Money Bag, Exchange, Currency Conversion, Trade, Capital Gain, Insurance, and many other symbols for the financial sector. There are icons for Report and Book, Folder Index and Documents, Folder and Employee among many others.
Technically, Accounting Toolbar Icons are available in a wide number of sizes, including 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixel versions. The library of financial icons supplies images with all color depths, including semi-transparent True Color and 8-bit icons. Three different styles are supplied with every purchase: normal, disabled, and highlighted. File formats include Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG for seamless integration with Windows software and online projects.
It is free to have a look at the royalty-free set of financial icons. Have a free peek at
Since 2003 and as of 2009, Dmitry Costenco makes a promotion of Aha-Soft products, such as graphic editors for Windows, ready icon collections for software and web designers. He works for quality service, which will help to other computer users.
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