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Acabo de redactar esto para alguien en USA por ello está en inglés. Funciona para librarse de los topos; olvídate de botellas, humos, venenos y otras "soluciones".

I just saw your query on how to get rid of garden moles. Hope is not too late.

After trying almost anything commercial and non-commercial, this is what worked for me.

I noticed when the earth on the mound is moist (freshly dug) and the mound small it means the mole is around digging. After watching for a few minutes I could see the little "mountain" move in little "pops". I the figure if he is there I could resort to my powerful human predatory instincts for motivation and to my brain for the techniques to satisfy those instincts.

Before I could feel well killing the mole I had to "neutralize" assorted versions of "thou shall not kill" stored in my brain; you know, religious, environmental, etc. I succeeded soon because I thought of the many insects whose lives would continue happily if the mole is gone. I thought of the momy, daddy and baby insects I would save.

Then I bough a hoe, one with a sharp edge and with good leverage.

I would find a small fresh mound signalling: "mole at work here". I would push off the mound and dig a litle to see in which direction the hole run. Holes run down at a shallow angle, close to horizontal. I guess to prevent earth falling back in the hole if the hole run straight up or very steep. The direction of the hole is important to you so that whe the hoe plunges into the ground you cut off his get away route, if you are more lucky you will even carry out a swift and painless execution.

If the hole happens to lie in the direction of Mecca your action will be specially blessed by you know who... If it points in another direction I am sure there is some Holy site there also, any religion will do.

If possible you should see the hole, don´t worry, moles are basically blind.

Get yoursel a small pocket radio with headphones, not for the moles, for you! You may have to wait 5 or 10 minutes, but the fellow will be back. I guess he senses something has happened to his hole and likes this properly maintained, or maybe he is juas back from a working round.

Do not move but you can lean on the hoe as you listen to the music.

Soon you will see youe enemy (and the insect´s) poking his nose and reassuring himself the disturbance is natural and not caused by a human with a hoe waiting just for him.

Even if you do not see him but see the earth move you will be ok.

Now comes the parte requiring steel nerves: Slowly raise the hoe above your head to have good leverage, specially if the ground is not too soft.

At the moment you think he is right there let the hoe go into the ground with all your might 4 to 6 inches behind where he is.

You can bury him in his hole, after all that would probably be his wish...

It makes him entirely recyclable, as his molecules and atoms will become part of insects and plants. It is almost beautiful to get rid of him in the manner I do. I hate to see it but it feels great... think of the insects, your plants and the generations of insects and plants that will now have a chance to live because you eradicated that omnivorous criminal. "A small price to pay for the mole species a great benefit to many others..."

My wife is now very proud to be married to a "real hunter-provided". To tell you the truth I did not know I had that in me.

Good luck

Un topo me está levantando todo el jardin. ¿Alguién sabe algún remedio antitopos?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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