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ugg classic tall boots sale

We¡¯ve considered Pattie Boyd to be our spirit animal ever since we first dove into Wonderful Tonight, and when her autobiography wasn¡¯t delivering delicious tales of her epic love triangle with George Harrison and Eric Clapton (we¡¯re Team Harrison, for the record), we got a firsthand account of what is was like being a supermodel during the cultural revolution that took place during late ¡¯60s and early ¡¯70s. While the music of the time had plenty to say, in many ways the fashion said what lyrics couldn¡¯t. And while we often find ourselves going down the Tumblr rabbit hole of blogs dedicated solely to the styles of Mick Jagger and Jean Shrimpton, the notion of being able to see the far out garb from these eras in person leaves us weary with excitement.
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